You haven’t lost it all-Living without life

What point is there to life when you have nothing to live for? Why live for nothing? Before thinking that there is no hope left. Think again. He is Hope. HE IS ALL YOU NEED. Don’t run. Instead let Him run to you. Feel His love that surrounds you always.
I can’t imagine living without my Saviour.
Some people live for things but really, how long can you last? There has to be a time when you have nothing left and you are lost. You may say…no I’m doing fine, I don’t need any God. I promise you, there will come a time when ALL fails you. But the Lord will always be there waiting for you to surrender everything. I take comfort in knowing that I can scream my heart out to Him and He understands. I think constantly about how He has His loving arms wrapped around me. I feel so much peace. Yes there are definitely times when I get so upset, and I feel like I am so far away from God, and that my relationship with Him is almost gone. But then I realize. He never leaves me. He never walks away from our relationship. He is always there. Listening. Waiting. Its me who drifts away. My flesh is so easily moved by other things going on in life that its me who is drifting.


2 thoughts on “You haven’t lost it all-Living without life

  1. That blesses me, Tori. How you’ve been blessed by the Awe-full One! I pray you continue to allow His awe to roll over and fill you up from the inside, out…just as has been evident for years. You are loved.


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